OIC Group | About Us
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About Us

The premier company in all things digital business.

What We Do

At OIC Group, we do business in the digital world and we do it well. Whether it’s to showcase your services with a new website, SEO and digital advertising, building a profitable e-commerce store for your products, or launching your mobile app idea – we are your ONE-stop shop.

Who We Are

OIC Group is made up of business-minded individuals who understand the digital marketplace and how it operates. We pride ourselves on caring for our clients and giving top notch service, and we’ve been doing this for over 20 years – before Google was in the dictionary and LONG before Facebook.

What We Offer

We offer web design and development including deep e-commerce expertise,  digital marketing like SEO and Google Ads, and software development. If you have a product or service, we can create the digital goods, market it on the internet and get your business noticed.


Our Philosophy

We use two decades of web development and marketing experience to produce beautiful projects on-time and on-budget.

Combine two decades of experience in web-business and marketing and what do you get? OIC Group.


We are passionate about creating an experience for our clients’ customers so that they keep coming back.


We also understand the importance of a dedicated, responsive support team when questions need answered.