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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The information contained on this website of OIC Group, Inc. (Online Innovative Creations) is intended to provide general guidelines and awareness on matters and services of particular interest in the field of website design, development, marketing, and all other related services as mentioned on the site. Visitors of this website are encouraged to consult with the OIC Group, Inc. for specific advice concerning certain matters before undertaking any strategies or making any decisions with respect to the content of this website.


The content of this website represents the opinions, ideas, strategies, and service information of the OIC Group, Inc. given the prevailing conditions and circumstances at the time of the website’s development. The content, including the information, links, resources, strategies, and recommendations contained on this website should not be used, taken, or followed without consent by or agreement of the OIC Group, Inc..


All copyrights, trademarks, logos, content, and other intellectual property on this website are the respective property of their owners. While some information contained on this website refers to other websites or the work of different authors, most work is originally generated by the OIC Group, Inc. This work is the result of the talents, expertise, and professional experience of the OIC Group, Inc., and the work on this website is supported by research and legitimate resources from authoritative sources on the Internet.


All services provided by OIC Group, Inc. are provided on a best-efforts basis. The OIC Group, Inc. offers no guarantees based on performance for the services in which it provides. It is the nature of the Internet, its users, and search engine providers to be dynamic and ever-changing, and the services provided by OIC Group, Inc. are based upon earnest efforts to deliver the best solutions possible. In no event will the OIC Group, Inc. be liable for damages to you or other affected parties.


OIC Group, Inc., will work in its best effort to respect the fulfillment of its clients, particularly regarding the subjective nature of website design and website development services. Although OIC Group, Inc. cannot guarantee specific outcomes of any services it provides, the company will strive to provide ongoing solutions to meet the needs of the parties in which it services.


Some links on this website lead to other resources located on servers maintained and supported by third parties over whom OIC Group, Inc. has no control over. As such, no authority and representation is made as to the content, information, accuracy, or any other characteristics of the content contained on these servers.


The OIC Group, Inc. does not warrant the open availability of information, strategies, or software for use from this website. The information, strategies, and software on this website are provided as a general supplement or guideline for visitors’ understanding of our website design company. The OIC Group, Inc. offers no warranties of any nature, either express or implied.


To the extent you do make authorized use or implement the information, strategies, or software for your own benefit, you do so at your own risk. In no event will the OIC Group, Inc. be liable to you or other parties for any damages occurring from the use of the information, strategies, or software.


Copyright © 2020 OIC Group, Inc. No content or intellectual property of this website may be used or redistributed for commercial purposes.